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A perfect school picture tells a thousand stories. A good life is a collection of such great memories. At YellowBus Photography, we know what it takes to make every moment count. Our photographs capture precious memories for students, parents and schools to relive them in the years to come.

Our goal is to reinvent School Photography, to create a picture that encapsulates what the experience of school is for children; one that they carry with them as a compass while they learn to navigate the wide world. We’re not just committed to taking a picture, our goal is to create a window back to childhood.

We capture the spirit of each year at school like it was – informal, inspiring and above all, fun. By deliberately steering away from traditional school photography methods of height-wise queues and single-file lines, we strive to capture students in their natural element to preserve their uniqueness and individuality.

What sets us apart

Our belief is that school photographs should tell a story-your story- from bench mates to your favorite colored pencil boxes. A YellowBus picture is carefully planned, perfectly framed with age appropriate props ranging from books, toys, science apparatus, football, antiques and sometimes just a blackboard.

In all, it reflects what the student took back that year and how the school empowered their life.

Since 2019, we have had the opportunity to create meaningful experiences, joyous aspirations and vivid memories for more than 50,000 students nationwide.

With you all the way

Our goal is to capture every unique quirk and inspiration that your kids carry throughout their academic year, into a picture. Every YellowBus photographer is professionally trained to get the perfect smiles from toddlers to college graduates.

Picture Day is carefully planned with your admin staff and executed flawlessly by our team.

A set of guidelines is sent well in advance, to prepare the parents, so that their children are present in their best attire and hairstyles. We bring the professional photography equipment to the school premises and set up the stage for every child to shine!

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School Photography

At YellowBus Photography we are thinking about your school's brand and culture, we are thinking about our education fraternity. We showcase the greater efforts of institutions, where kids learn, grow, excel and aspire to achieve their dreams. Our pictures are carefully crafted to communicate values, expectations and capture achievements that will inspire kids into greatness.

  • School Profiling for Social Media
  • Student Portfolio
  • Memory Album
  • Class Group Photographs

School Videography

YellowBus specializes in creating captivating and engaging videos that showcase the unique spirit and environment of schools. Our professional videography services highlight your school’s strengths from academic excellence to extracurricular achievements, making it easy for prospective students and parents to see what makes your school special.

  • School Profile Videos
  • Promotional Videos for Social Media


Bindu Gaddipatti Director Podar Jumbo Kids Plus, Nallagandla

Opting for the Yellow Bus Photography is one of the most valuable gift you (Schools) can gift to the child and will be treasured by their family forever. since we all are fading away from the concept of having hard copies. The team is highly knowledgeable - Ms. Brindala and Mr. Ganesh are very professional and the end result is exemplary. I highly recommend every organization/family to try their priceless gift to their beloved ones.

Simran Pasricha Centre Director Podar Jumbo Kids, New BEL Road

Brindala & team are great at what they do, not only did they create beautiful & colourful memories for us to cherish a lifetime in form of amazing clicks but they were also very professional and amazing with our children. From making them comfortable to making them smile for that perfect click was so effortlessly do ne. Kudos to the team.

Sheeja Surendra Directress, Aakruti Montessori

We had good experience with Yellow Bus. Everything was well organized and smooth. The photographs were also delivered on time

Gayathri R Co-ordinator, Surana Vidyalaya

Excellent Photography crew

Sheeba Mehboob Parent

I am very passionate about getting everything right for my daughter. I even make my own accessories to match her clothes. My family thinks it's too much to ask for a perfect picture of my daughter always. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard VellowBus is making a portrait at school and I was so happy when I received it. The picture quality, her smile, we even did a sibling photo together and all of us are thrilled with the picture. These are moments to treasure for us and our kids. Thanks YB

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