Yellow Bus strives to make your picture day easy, quick, and as stress free as possible. However, these simple guidelines will help to make things easier for everyone. Please take a few moments to read this over before your picture day.

On YellowBus picture day, we will send you our guidelines to prepare and prep the children, to keep them relaxed and ready, and this is very important because smiles can look fake if practiced ahead of time.

We are a team of passionate individuals working towards making school memories last forever with creative photography. The team consists of creative visualisers, art consultants, well qualified photographers, technically trained editors and experienced IT professionals.

You may call us, or email us. Additionally, we also have a contact sheet here: https://yellowbusphotography.com/contact-us/

School photography is now online. Parents are sent a simple mailer with instructions and a link to upload their child’s photograph. We collate them with other details from the school, send a draft design for approval before printing. Nothing is printed until every single detail is confirmed in writing by the school staff. All photos are delivered within 2 weeks from the final confirmation.

Yes it does! All staff pictures are completed class wise on YB Picture Day. Every member of your school present that day gets a picture, from the teachers, the drivers and all support staff.
According to scientists, the lateral peripheral vision of yellow color is 1.24 times greater than any other color. The school bus is painted yellow worldwide so that the possibility of accidents on the highway will be less and children can reach their schools or homes comfortably.

We understand the everyday challenges that teachers and parents face with children during their school years. Which is why our YB Picture day is designed to make it work for every student.

If your child is unable to attend school on YB Picture day, there is no need to worry anymore. We have designated special days for follow-up shoots at school. Make sure you get the dates from your school office and schedule it accordingly.

If your child is on an extended leave of absence approved by the school, we will make one composite/group photograph when she/he joins back.

This goes back to where YellowBus Photography started, and challenged the quintessential idea of what School Photography or School Picture Day really means. Why have school memories been relegated to students standing in rows, on steps with their teachers dotting the middle?

We want to capture the natural joy of school memories. Yes, we do want to tidy up our kids, polish their shoes for Picture Day; but its also ok if there is a bit of hair standing, some toothy smiles or gaps in teeth. The point is that school memories, this time in life, is to be cherished, to be looked back upon with nostalgia for its wonder. Especially as we prepare our children to go out into this world with all its challenges and possibilities. Taking pictures of our children is essential for them to look back at where they came from, as they think about where they want to go and who they want to be.