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Our Story and Vision

About Us

At YellowBus Photography, our vision is to bring a new creative approach to School Photography. Our understanding of the school community has helped us identify what matters most are ‘childhood memories’.

We capture the spirit of each year at school like it was - informal, inspiring and above all, fun. By deliberately steering away from traditional school photography methods of height-wise queues and single-file lines, we strive to capture students in their natural element to preserve their uniqueness and individuality.

What sets us apart

Our belief is that school photographs should tell a story - your story - from bench mates to your favorite colored pencil boxes. A YellowBus picture is carefully planned, perfectly framed with age appropriate props ranging from books, toys, science apparatus, football, antiques and sometimes just a blackboard. In all, it reflects what the student took back that year and how the school empowered their life.

Since 2019, we have had the opportunity to create meaningful experiences, joyous aspirations and vivid memories for 30,000 students nationwide.

With you all the way

Our goal is to capture every unique quirk and inspiration that your kids carry throughout their academic year, into a picture. Every YellowBus photographer is professionally trained to get the perfect smiles from toddlers to college graduates.

Picture Day is carefully planned with your admin staff and executed flawlessly by our team. A set of guidelines is sent well in advance, to prepare the parents, so that their children are present in their best attire and hairstyles. We bring the professional photography equipment to the school premises and set up the stage for every child to shine!

Specialized Photography

Our Products and Services

Educator Portraits

In an increasingly digital world, professional digital portraits become all the more important. Professional headshots for seminars, webinars, public relations, and websites are of the utmost need to represent the educational institution better.

Online Class Photography

Are you canceling class photos because of online classes? You don't have to. YellowBus now offers tailored composite-style class photographs for students, parents, and teachers to remember the academic year.

School Photography

We offer customizable products from student portraits to graduation pictures and group photographs. Talk to us and find out what suits you to cater the best product for your students, school, and even infrastructure.

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